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Creative Problem Solving To Be Innovative

Whenever we have a challenge – a client problem, tryin’ t’ generate a new idea, developin’ strategy – we rely on th’ key steps below t’ solve our problem, creatively. We use this creative problem solvin’ process t’ create ideas that we hope become an innovation. Stay Informed -Stay Informed o’ yer own business, o’ yer customers, o’ yer industry, …

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Brand Differentiation with Storytelling: Sugar House Day Spa & Salon

When it comes t’ Brandin’, there are many ways t’ differentiate yer brand. One very authentic way is “Tell a story that defines ye and is unique t’ ye.” We recently experienced an example o’ storytellin’ at Sugar House Day Spa & Salon. Sugar House is located in th’ historic center o’ Alexandria, Virginia in a beautifully restored early 19th century home, …

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12 Tips For Successful In-Store Events

Nay matter what ye call them… yer customers, clients, consumers or participants – they are all Guests when they visit yer location. Bein’ a great host t’ those visitin’ yer location is no different from entertainin’ maties and neighbors at yer house. While we do think about details when plannin’ a big event at home, as restaurant and retail owners, …

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Cash Only

They’re Your Words, Choose Them

You’ve seen th’ signs: ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT CARDS. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. BATHROOMS FOR PATRONS ONLY. Guess what? There’s no legal requirement that signs have t’ make ye sound like a harsh jerk in order t’ carry weight or t’ inform th’ public. To keep our prices as low as possible, we only accept cash. The good …

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Check out these URLs: vs. How it is written: | How it is interpreted: What they meant: And these two… TeacherStalkin’.com vs. TeachersTalkin’.com How it is written: teacherstalkin’.com | How it is interpreted: TeacherStalkin’.com What they meant: TeachersTalkin’.com While th’ URLs are spelled th’ same, there is a big difference in th’ meanin’ dependin’ on …

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It’s Called A Presentation…

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Great Brands

Great Brands Aren’t Display Cakes, They’re Real To The Core

Today Idea Sandbox is Stop #3 fer th’ virtual book tour featurin’ Denise Lee Yohn’s book: What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Buildin’ Principles that Separate th’ Best from th’ Rest. Before I jump into th’ questions I had fer Denise… I want t’ summarize me take on th’ philosophy o’ th’ book… You’ve seen weddin’ cakes on display in th’ …

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“What Great Brands Do” Virtual Book Tour

Today is Day 2 o’ th’ virtual book tour featurin’ What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Buildin’ Principles that Separate th’ Best from th’ Rest by Denise Lee Yohn. Author and Customer Loyalty expert Jackie Huba kicked th’ tour off on Monday at that comely wench site with: Q&A with th’ author o’ new book, What Great Brands Do Tuesday …

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