What We Do

We provide remarkable marketing strategy to leaders of experience-based businesses.

There’s nothing more powerful than putting remarkable ideas into action. They can drive sales, build pride, attract more customers, differentiate you from your competition, and create change.

Here are the ways Idea Sandbox helps you create remarkable marketing ideas.

Marketing Insights

Regular Writings
Insightful articles published regularly on the Idea Sandbox.
Investment: your time, $0
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Monthly Email Newsletter

Sand for Your Inbox
Each month you’ll receive a strong dose of retail marketing knowhow packaged in an easily digestible email.
Investment: your email address, $0
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Retail Marketing Webinars

One-Hour Webinar
Topics will address timely and timeless retail marketing issues. The webinar includes a Q&A session. Attendees will receive a PDF summary of the key points from the webinar.
Investment: $55
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Email Q&A Exchange

Expert Answers to your Most Pressing Questions
Send us three of your most burning questions. We’ll trade emails sharing in-depth answers, seasoned with our extensive marketing experience.
Investment: $150

Phone Q&A Exchange

30-minute Conversation and Consultation
Talk to us live (on the phone or through Skype) and we’ll give you our best advice and perspective to help you grow your business and address your urgent challenges.
Investment: $500

Presentations / Speaking Events

60-90 minute Discussions
We’re happy to be your outside experts. From keynote presentation to interactive presentations – we’ll customize to meet your topic and team needs. See more on our Speaking Topics page.
Investment: $1,500 (plus travel expenses)

On-Site Workshop/Strategy Discussion Session

Full-Day Session with Idea Sandbox
We will visit you and your team on-site and lead a strategy session to help solve for key areas of need to build your business and drive sales.
Investment: $5,000 – $10,000

Project Work

Contact us for more information.
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Investment based on project scope.

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