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Idea Sandbox Brainstorming Studios

Scientifically Designed, Artistically Crafted

The following are renderings for the Idea Sandbox Brainstorming Studios.

Idea Sandbox Brainstorming Studios will be the world’s best brainstorming and strategy destination. It uses latest research in neuroscience, problem solving techniques, and visual thinking to maximize cognitive performance, maintain physical and brain energy, and maximize creative potential.

Every element – from the themed rooms, facilitation process, to paint color, food (Food for Thought) and drinks served (Creative Juices) – have been crafted to elicit the most creative ideas possible.

Idea Sandbox Brainstorming Studios are designed solely for brainstorming and strategic thinking. The space will be approximately 10,000 square feet and house four themed rooms. Idea Sandbox is positioned as the best alternative to drab, tan, multi-purpose hotel and conference center meeting rooms.

Think Tank

Brainstormers will fathom scores of ideas in this Jules Verne-style underwater drawing room. They will be transported to the ocean floor where they work, safe and dry… 20,000 Leagues Under DC.

Adventurer’s Club

The place where Indiana Jones might gather with fellow explorers to swap adventure stories and treasures. Part conservatory, library and collection room, the Club’s shelves, walls, and nooks display curiosities found around the world to stimulate creative ideas.

Genius Lab

This secret lab – only recently de-classified – is combination Thomas Edison, Willy Wonka, and Albert Einstein. The spirit of great inventors and the tools of geniuses inspire innovative ideas. It is a one-of-a-kind thought laboratory where anything is possible.

Tropical Hideaway

The environment envelops you with inspiring sights, sounds, and scents. Part Swiss Family Robinson, part Gilligan’s Island – it is all inspiring.

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