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Why would an author participate?

  • You receive increased awareness and visibility of your book – which leads to increased sales.
  • The bloggers on the tour and the people reading the sites are – in the words of Seth Godin – sneezers. They want to know the latest trends and want to tell others.
  • You get to meet interesting people who are excited by what you are writing about.

What does an author need to do?

Contact Us, and we will hand-craft your plan.
The Typical Flow:

(1) I will match your book topic with five relevant websites that reach your target audience,
(2) I manage all the details: from tour dates, sharing contact information, to shipping of galleys/books to the bloggers.
(3) The author will then be approached by each of the five hosts to arrange an interview. (Could be via email, audio, or video – it us up to you and the blogger).
(4) The interviews are then published on the sites according to the tour schedule. As well as promoted on Idea Sandbox.
(5) It is a great bonus if the author has time to visit the sites and answer questions and comments that come up at various stops.

Are there certain kinds of books we are looking for?

To ensure the author and message of the book reaches the precise target audience, Post2Post focuses on business books in the following topic areas:

  • brand building
  • business and marketing strategy
  • creative problem solving
  • creativity / innovation
  • remarkability
  • productivity
  • and other related topics

Where do I sign up? (as an author)

Please complete our handy form. We will ask for a copy of your book, and we’ll go from there.

Where do I sign up? (as a blogger or web host)

Please found on the Participate in Post2Post page.

    No Twitter Messages.