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Idea Sandbox – Inspiration Pieces

updated 15 July ’10

This most recent update includes additional images by themed room, as well as the soundtrack for each room. The mp3s help give a sense of what I want to room to feel like.

Please let me know what questions you have!


Details By Room Theme:

These are additional images (new) along with SOUNDS that inspire each room. These pieces of music can be listened to while you design the space as inspiration. I want Guests to feel/hear this music when then are in each room.

Room: Great Library / Exploration Room

“Exploration Room” Soundtrack: (click to stream)

Individual Tracks (you can download):
Mozart, Salzburg Sym No. 1 (Presto) | Mozart, Salzburg Sym No. 1 (Allegro) | Parallel Bars

Room: Think Tank (Submarine)

“Think Tank” Soundtrack:

Individual Tracks:
Living Seas 1 | Living Seas 2 | Horizons’s Theater | Space Mountain

Room: Tree House

“Tree House” Soundtrack:

Individual Tracks:
Forest | Treehouse

Room: Genius Lab

“Genius Lab” Soundtrack:

Individual Tracks:
Tomorrowland 2055 | Tomorrowland BGM Loop 11 | One Little Spark

Room: Common Areas

  • Images: Coming Soon!

“Common Area” Soundtrack:

Individual Tracks:
50s Travel Music | Dreamin’ | EPCOT Entrance | Music For Buying Toasters | Tomorrowland BGM Loop 10 | Ready (from “Mission Impossible” show) |
Symphony | Tomorrowland Area Loop (this is 58 mins long/56 MB)


I prepared this “program” to outline ideas behind the Idea Sandbox Brainstorming Space. While not complete, hopefully it helps to get the conversation started. Nothing is engraved in stone, btw.

Paul’s Floorplan Sketches:

  • Layout Sketches – None of these are ‘complete’ per se… but my approach at looking at how the spaces could fit together and fit the appropriate number of people.. (PDF, 949k)
  • Room Use | Sections – I believe I’ve sent this to you guys already. But, this was my way of looking at how different parts of a room could be laid out. (PDF 126 KB)
  • Layout Sketch – For this one, I used basic box shapes to get the proportion and layout of space. Don’t know if it’ll help you or not… But may inspire your own thought. (PDF 24 KB)
  • Catalyst Ranch: Chicago Study – Here I’ve taken the floor plan from a competitor in Chicago called Catalyst Ranch. I backwards engineered their layouts to understand how they used space. (PDF 208 KB)
  • Square Foot Calculations (1) – One of my worksheets calculating sizes of each room. (JPG 71 KB)

More Images:

In addition to the categorized images above, I’ve also posted a collection of sets of images on Flickr of my competition, spaces that inspire me, and design elements I think may be helpful to the project.

  • Brainstorming Spaces – this shows how other groups use the spaces. I will be doing similar things.

Sites to See:

  • 500 Touring Club – I love how clean this site is. It’s funny the color scheme is similar to mine, and they’re using the same type/font as I am with Idea Sandbox.
  • mediaBOOM – I love the look and feel of this site. To me this is what ‘mid-century-modern’ feels like.
  • Flickr Group “Mid-Century Packaging” – Some neat inspiration to be had here.

Stuff To Look At:

Idea Sandbox Background / Brand Pieces:

This is more information about Idea Sandbox and my design elements.

  • Idea Sandbox Identity Suite – A snap-shot of my current marketing materials… business cards, stickers, and writing paper. (PDF 152 KB)
  • Idea Sandbox Identity – This PDF show various logo treatments, color schemes for Idea Sandbox, etc. (PDF, 2.62 MB)
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