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Idea Sandbox | Location Update – May ’05

It has been a while since my last posts about the Idea Sandbox. IOU an update.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been visiting potential sites for Idea Sandbox – the place.

In addition, I’ve started to pursue obtaining a small business loan.
I found, in speaking with the landlords, that they want to be ensured
that even if I have no business in the first 12 months that they will
still receive their lease payment – fair enough.

So, I’m working on that…

But, by far the biggest news is this…

My girlfriend has the opportunity to relocate to Europe in a senior
level marketing role. In fact, she is in Amsterdam at this very moment
meeting with her potential employers and visiting the markets.

She and I have the kind of relationship that if she goes… I’m going.

So what does this imply for the Idea Sandbox?

Here are the options I’m considering, in priority order…

  1. Pursue the on-line component of Idea Sandbox. A
    web-based tool that connects people with solutions. Build a database of
    people, places and things that folks can use today… right now… to
    generate better ideas and implement innovation on their own. (I would
    continue to refine the business plan for the location, and still plan
    to open a space).

  2. In addition to the on-line option above, pursue the
    idea of a “virtual” sandbox, whereby people can get together and form
    e-lationships. (This was under consideration for those who couldn’t
    make it to a spot in Seattle, but still need access to the Idea Sandbox
    type resources).

  3. Pursue Idea Sandbox as a consulting gig and solve problems for US customers while working abroad.

  4. Consider opening Idea Sandbox in Europe.

So there’s the scoop.

I’ve been saving this blog space for more formal communications… I
plan to start blogging in more of a journal format… This will be a
good way to keep track of my ideas as well as open up what’s going on
in my noggin.

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