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Destination: Idea Sandbox!

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For those of you who have been following Idea Sandbox since the very beginning, the initial concept of “Idea Sandbox” was a brainstorming destination based in Seattle.

This dream has never gone away… It has simply been put on hold while I’ve been working and traveling abroad.

In working to determine what makes Idea Sandbox remarkable… I keep coming back to the statement:

Idea Sandbox:
The Most Conducive Place
For Creating Remarkable Ideas

Gah! I love the sound of that!

The world’s first and only (and best) immersive brainstorming destination.

In fact, I’ve created a special section of the Idea Sandbox site to specifically keep track of my planning as I move forward.

I invite you on this journey. In fact… I’m going to be asking for your feedback and input. Since, ultimately this is a place I want you to visit, it should include exactly what you need!


As of this moment, I’m planning on opening on a ‘remarkable’ day, perhaps…

10/10/10 or 11/11/11!

We are going to have a blast coming up with wicked-good ideas.

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