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Apple iPhone “Hello” Ad

Whether you’re a Mac fan or not.
Whether you think the iPhone is the coolest thing, or a flash in the pan…

You’ve got to check out the iPhone “Hello” ad… it was played during the Oscars, is featured on the Apple website, and is posted multiple times on YouTube. It’s clever and fun.

It features “Hello” clips from a myriad of different movies… It’s neat to watch and recognize the different characters and movies. (I’m certain someone has already mapped which films the ‘hello’ clips are from).

It’s also fun to watch the phone itself progress from that big, black box on the wall to the closing image of 21st Century technology – the iPhone.

It’s amazing to witness the progress of telephone communication… That ‘black box on the wall’ had to be hand-cranked to generate a spark to signal a local live operator. She would ask who you’re calling and would then connect you to a series of other human operators… each plugging in another wire until they daisy-chained you to the person you wanted to reach. Back then, they could never imagine where we are today. I’m certain we can’t imagine where we’ll be in only 10, 15 and 20 years from now.


Visit the Apple website for the high-quality Quicktime versions of this commercial.

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