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Amsterdam Aromas: The Apartment

Good afternoon from Amsterdam… rather I should say… goede middag!

This is my first of many posts about the differences I discover between marketing and brands in Europe versus the United States… While I have many first impressions… there is a topic that makes scents for me to talk about first…

Parts of the Nose Diagram

The city of Amsterdam is rich with aromas… from fresh bread, to bouquets of flowers… and cigarettes – everyone smokes everywhere…

In setting up my new apartment I noticed things smell differently here in Amsterdam… I can’t specifically identify whether it is floral vs. citrus or some other faction of fragrances…

Day to day you don’t really think about it… but we add a plethora of perfumes on daily basis…

These are some of the the smelly things we apply – in the morning alone…

  • coffee
  • soap
  • shaving cream
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • towel – washed with scented soap, dried with scented dryer sheet
  • toothpaste
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