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for Starbucks Coffee Company

Keeping creativity skills fresh, relevant, and honed

Senior leadership at Starbucks Coffee wanted to ensure the marketing teams kept their edge and were as innovative as possible in the way they innovate. They asked Idea Sandbox to build creativity and innovation programming for the team.

Idea Sandbox created and launched a series of interdependent programs, providing a range of development tools and learning opportunities for the marketing teams. These included:

  • Marketing Author Series – Created and managed author series, bringing gurus of marketing, innovation, and creativity to Starbucks headquarters to discuss and share cutting-edge concepts.
  • CreativityLab – Custom-designed and converted a bland conference room into a conducive in-house creative laboratory for brainstorming and innovation.
  • Creativity Curriculum & Website – Designed and implemented a creativity curriculum that provided tools to strengthen confidence and skills in creativity and problem solving. Tools were accessed through a custom designed website that would inform and guide team members.
  • GroupChallenge – Designed and built a collaborative and interactive tool that allowed the posting of challenges needing a solution. Team members shared discussions, suggestions, and solutions for the challenge.
  • InTheKnow Presentations – Researched and prepared comprehensive overview of current brand, marketing and product trends from around the world.

These tools and programs enhanced the creativity skills of the team and led to the development of more innovative solutions.

Idea Sandbox increased the confidence of the Starbucks marketing teams in creative and problem solving skills by exposing them to new and relevant tools. Additionally, these programs helped demonstrate that leadership encouraged and supported personal development and out-of-the-box thinking.

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