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Brainstorming & Idea Generation

Ah… idea generation… brainstorming!

The ability to think-up ideas. Ideas may be something old applied in a new way. Or, creating and applying something that has never been done before… that could turn into an innovation.

The official term “brainstorming” was coined by Alex Osborne back in the 1950s. Some adhere to the strict rules outlined by Osborne 60 years ago. We don’t subscribe to that. We feel the term brainstorming applies to any idea generation method. A great brainstorm session combines the right people, the right process, and his held in a place conducive to brainstorming and creative thinking.

Reasons We Brainstorm

As we see it… there are really four key reasons why we brainstorm or want to innovate… to solve, to grow, to think, or to create…

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The sidebar on the right features all sorts of brainstorming methods. Enjoy!

Stay Informed Problem Recognition Problem Identification Implement Brainstorming Be The Champion Plan Crafting Decision Making

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Solve A Problem
Fix something that is broken. Get to the bottom of an issue and correct it.
Grow Something
Grow your sales, your customer base, your brand/reputation, customer loyalty…
Think-Up Ideas
Think-up remarkable ideas: consumer promotions, new products, better systems…
Create New Ideas
Create innovative ideas – things that haven’t been thunk before.

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