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What If? – Employee Confirmation Hearings

I’ve been listening to the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Ailito. The Senate Judiciary Committee is asking aggressive questions about previous decisions… How he would react in specific situations… How he would uphold his potential role… Simplistically, the Committee is doing its diligence to make sure they get the right person for the job…

What if we had access to this information of someone applying to work at your company? Had this information for a potential boss, potential colleague or potential senior leader? What if we had the opportunity to ask these questions as part of the official hiring process? We could ensure the sanctity of the corporation’s “constitution.” And ensure they understand the obligation they have to uphold the company has to its constituents and citizens?

Sample questions of the Employee Committee could include:

  • “We read your opinion paper titled “Reducing Calorie Count for Consumers.” On page 12 section 5 you suggest that we “reduce the recommended portion” described on the package “from three to two cookies” thus giving the perception that the consumer will intake fewer calories, however you haven’t actually modified the product to have less calories. Do you feel that was ethical?
  • “On April 23, 2002 you rated one of your employees a “needs improvement” in the category of “Personal Growth.” Yet your whole department knew that that particular employee’s hallmark was reading, learning and sharing with others. How do you explain this decision?”
  • “In June of 2001 you told a questionable joke at the Annual Company Cookout. Does the punch line – and I quote – ‘…To get to the other side!’ represent your philosophy of all poultry, or solely chickens?”

I’m sure the human resources team could avoid making quite a few ‘bad hires’ with access to this type of information.

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