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Why Marketing and IT Belong Together

In their latest book, Converge:Transforming Business at the Intersection
of Marketing and Technology
, Bob Lord and Ray Velez explain how the merging of technology, media, and creativity is revolutionizing marketing and business strategy.

Converge Virtual Book Tour

The virtual book tour begins this Monday, September 9 over at The Chief Marketing Technologist Blog.

Starting Monday (September 9), Ray Velez will be sharing additional insights on the need to merge IT and marketing with five different marketing and technology bloggers – one per day – until the tour ends on Friday.

We can’t wait to follow along!

By the way, you can follow Ray on Twitter at @RVelez.

Additionally, you’ll find each participating blogger’s Twitter handle below.


Converge: Transforming Business at the Intersection
of Marketing and Technology

by Bob Lord and Ray Velez

Here’s the full schedule:


Site Date
The Chief Marketing Technologist Blog
Scott Brinker
Mon. September 9
Brand as Business Bites
Denise Lee Yohn
Tue. September 10
Renee Hopkins
Wed. September 11
Networked Wealth
William Eisenbrandt
Thur. September 12
Gaping Void
Jason Korman
Fri. September 13


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