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The Urban Monkey: jungle for kids / oasis for adults

Walt built Disneyland with the hopes of creating a carnival/park where parents could enjoy themselves as much as kids.

While their ultimate goal may not to build an entertainment empire… Gina Hadley and Jeanna Peterson are onto something with their new concept here in Seattle.


In their words…

urban monkeys was born when gina hadley and jeanna peterson met and found they shared a vision – they imagined a place in seattle that would offer classes for children while making their parents feel cared for. after years of research and planning, gina and jeanna are thrilled to open urban monkeys this fall, and offer you and your kids a play-space you could only imagine until now.

  • a place where both parent and child’s interests are at stake.
  • a place that offers the best children’s classes and the best weekly reading material.
  • a place that you can learn how exercise and movement will benefit your child’s development and you can still send that final email of the day.
  • a place where you children will develop friendships and you can connect with your friends about the newest restaurant in town.
  • a place where your kids will stomp their feet and you can also leave with newly painted toes.
  • a place where you both want to go.

Kids have an indoor playground, kid yoga and imagination based activities. If parents want to relax while their little one is in a class they can visit the Oasis.

at urban monkeys we are determined that every member of the family has a satisfying experience, so we offer amazing classes for kids and an oasis for grown ups.

  • wireless access & computer bar
  • flat screen tv
  • luxurious lounge setting
  • all the latest magazines and newspapers
  • spa services: massage, manicure/pedicure, facials and waxing
  • café umbria coffee, tea and light snacks

Find out more about their monkey business.

Thank you to my local public radio station KUOW and the show The Works for broadcasting a story about and the tour of urban monkey. Listen to the KUOW PodCast about the Urban Monkey (as well as a story “what’s the big deal with the iPod”). The Urban Monkey story follows the iPod story… but the iPod story is very interesting as well!

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