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Stamp Didn’t Stick…

I got a note back from PhotoStamps today… Earlier this week, I mentioned creating an Idea Sandbox postage stamp using’s PhotoStamp service.

My dreams of stamping customer “Thank You” letters with my logo in the postage are short lived… The US Post Office doesn’t allow business advertising in stamps…

Here’s what PhotoStamps said in their e-mail…

You received an email stating that we did not accept your image because we had a concern that your image contained business advertising, which is currently not permitted by the U.S. Postal Service. is working hard to change this policy, but for now, here are some ways you may consider changing your image so that it may not be considered business advertising:

Show pictures of buildings, products, or other images without adding business logos or writing on the image.
Ideally, submit images, graphics or pictures alone with no writing visible in the image.

We thank you for ordering PhotoStamps and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We encourage you to try again. If you would like additional support with your business order, please call our enterprise sales team at 888-478-0022.

Oh, well.

I totally respect this policy – come to think of it… can you imagine the SPAM stamps we would receive on mailers pushing cheap medication, mini-webcams or enhancement pills?

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