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Push Ideas For Better Creative Thinking

A sponsored link from Starbucks Frappuccino appeared in my Facebook feed this morning. It announces a new Frappuccino flavor, S’mores. I won’t debate the choice of flavor. I understand the challenge the Starbucks beverage team has, trying to comp their numbers year over year with different flavors. I will challenge the thinking and implementation of the marketing and creative team. This used to …

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Big V. Small

Why Does Big Mean Bad? And Can It Be Avoided?

It’s a phenomenon and seems inevitable. The story plays over and over. A small business is built, grows with wild success, and then loses its tarnish. Every big business we consider bad was once a Mom and Pop. When I mean bad, I don’t mean they necessarily are poorly run, or are bad to the environment, their employees, or otherwise. …

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Great Leaders Think Dirty Thoughts

As we climb the corporate ladder, we catch on that people on the lower rungs do the tactical, heavy work. Further up the ladder, they get to sit at desks and focus on strategy. So, we set our sights on the upper rungs, work hard to get promoted to a job where we can stop getting our hands dirty, and …

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Creativity Is More Practice Than Magic

As problem solvers our role is to support companies, clients, and customers by solving their business problems. We’re asked to help drive sales, increase traffic, and build community. These challenges, and others, are solved through our ability to combine ideas in new and meaningful ways. That’s creativity. Creativity is sparked by our imagination. Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned …

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Rules Of The Garage

[The garage where Hewlett and Packard started HP, 1939 photo] Founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard had the right idea when they first built their company. They believed if you had passion for what you did – and did it with quality – the money will follow. This was a pretty radial idea back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. …

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Delivering Customer Service at Hooters

On Saturday I had hot wings and a beer at a Hooters restaurant. For those of you not familiar with Hooters… They are a US-based restaurant chain best known for their hot buffalo wings and Hooter Girls – attractive waitresses dressed in low-cut white tank tops and skin tight orange shorts. They are a privately-held company with more than 430 …

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Love What You Do

I received an email from a friend who works at Starbucks. In the auto-signature of her e-mail was this “Love What You Do” graphic. It is just one element hiring teams use to communicate enthusiasm for working at Starbucks. Potential candidates see this ‘badge’ in the emails from Starbucks as well as in other materials… Candidates begin to experience the …

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The Problem With Food Glamour Shots

This is the worry of many a restaurant-chain marketer and operator (at least the ones that care). That the quality of appearance of actual prepared food won’t live up to the results of the stylized food shots used to advertise it. A website by Jeff Kay compares fast food restaurant advertising food shots with photos of the actual purchased food. …

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