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More Scoops of Business Growth Ideas on Tidbitts

We are proud to be contributing to the new “direct to fan” platform, Tidbitts. They’ve pulled together a wide variety of expert contributors who provide a weekly bite-sized chunk of interesting content. Idea Sandbox is providing innovative business growth ideas exclusive to the Tidbitts site. Tidbitts Teaser Tidbitts uses a paid subscription model of 99¢ per month. Not expensive, and …

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Creative Problem Solving To Be Innovative

Whenever we have a challenge – a client problem, trying to generate a new idea, developing strategy – we rely on the key steps below to solve our problem, creatively. We use this creative problem solving process to create ideas that we hope become an innovation. Stay Informed -Stay Informed of your own business, of your customers, of your industry, …

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Brand Differentiation with Storytelling: Sugar House Day Spa & Salon

When it comes to Branding, there are many ways to differentiate your brand. One very authentic way is “Tell a story that defines you and is unique to you.” We recently experienced an example of storytelling at Sugar House Day Spa & Salon. Sugar House is located in the historic center of Alexandria, Virginia in a beautifully restored early 19th century home. …

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12 Tips For Successful In-Store Events

No matter what you call them… your customers, clients, consumers or participants – they are all Guests when they visit your location. Being a great host to those visiting your location is no different from entertaining friends and neighbors at your house. While we do think about details when planning a big event at home, as restaurant and retail owners, …

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Cash Only

They’re Your Words, Choose Them

You’ve seen the signs: ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT CARDS. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. BATHROOMS FOR PATRONS ONLY. Guess what? There’s no legal requirement that signs have to make you sound like a harsh jerk in order to carry weight or to inform the public. To keep our prices as low as possible, we only accept cash. The good …

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Check out these URLs: vs. How it is written: | How it is interpreted: What they meant: And these two… vs. How it is written: | How it is interpreted: What they meant: While the URLs are spelled the same, there is a big difference in the meaning depending on …

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It’s Called A Presentation…

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Great Brands

Great Brands Aren’t Display Cakes, They’re Real To The Core

Today Idea Sandbox is Stop #3 for the virtual book tour featuring Denise Lee Yohn’s book: What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest. Before I jump into the questions I had for Denise… I want to summarize my take on the philosophy of the book… You’ve seen wedding cakes on display in the …

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