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Mnemonic Verse Extremely Mussed, Just Screwed Up Nine Planets

Mnemonic Industry Scrambles

The mnemonic device “Men Very Early Made Jars Stand Upright Nicely, Period” is a common verse used to remember the 9 planets in our solar system, in order, outward from the sun.

Pluto, not Uranus

Today Pluto has had it’s planetary status stripped. Discovered in 1930, after 76 years, this demotion is sure to have the former planet seeing stars!

Meanwhile, in the mnemonic labs, scientists are busy working up new memory devices…

On the positive side, we could just trim the old verse…
Men Very Early Made Jars Stand Upright Nicely, Period
Men Very Early Made Jars Stand Upright Nicely!

Perhaps the verse was written before the discovery of Pluto and adding “Period” to the old sentence was simply an after thought?

pluto.jpegIn other news, the Global Astrology Association is predicting a record FY’07 as everybody’s astrological birth charts need to be re-mapped!

Not wasted on me is this wink to Disney’s Pluto character, the CNN story states that “Pluto is no stranger to controversy. In fact, it’s been dogged by disputes ever since its discovery.” Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s dog.

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