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Mixed Tape of Weblinks: 18/19 October

A few sites I’ve found interesting enough to pass along to you…

Idea Icon


With the light bulb being the ubiquitous icon for “great ideas” I had to pause when I saw this great idea for a light bulb.

Double Lightbulb

I found this on Gizmodo who found it a design website called 100per.

Car Alarm for Your Apple Laptop

iAlertU Logo

If your Mac laptop was stolen and you had iAlertU software installed, you’d be able to see a picture of the thief on-line. If the alarm isn’t de-activated (something a bad-guy thief wouldn’t think of doing) the software automatically takes pictures with the Mac’s built-in iSight camera… and uploads the image to the internet for you and the world to see. While still in development, it’s a pretty neat way to make additional use of built-in technology. (What ways could you find an additional use for a product, or a part of a product that your company provides?)

Found via Gizmodo from the iAlertU site Slapping Turtle.

(I think a theme here is that YOU should subscribe to Gizmodo!)

New Mac Ads

Speaking of Apple, they have recently uploaded a new series of ads featuring the Mac dude and the PC guy… It’s good to see Jusin Long working… after a pretty dorky roles on the tv show Ed… and the movie Dodgeball.

While they zig, you Zag!

ZagI’m sorry I hadn’t mentioned this before… Marty Neumeier has a new book out called “Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands“. Your Zag is what makes a person or a business that defines you as the ONLY one in a category… what gives you ‘onliness?’ What makes you radically different than the competition? He does a great job spelling out how to think about and how to create your own Zag! Great book.

(Quick sidestory… In September I had a client presentation with Jen Sukis from the U.S. design firm Principle Design. We wanted to use something from one of Marty’s books… When Jen contacted him, not only did he help out, but he provided us with an advanced PDF of Zag!. I was able to use portions of what he speaks about in Zag! to help the client realize what makes them the ‘only’ company doing what they do. Thanks Marty!).

The Starbucks Experience

Speaking of new books… “The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary” by Joseph Michelli has just hit the stands… It’s a new book about… Starbucks with focus on what Joseph has found to the five key principles that create an extraordinary experience.

Horn tootin’ time… I’m proud to have a smart-sounding quote on page 11 of Joseph’s book… I’m also proud of the fact that a good chunk of the book is dedicated to talking about the Starbucks “Green Apron Book” – a pocket-sized partner (employee) guide developed to firmly establish and communicate the language of customer service at Starbucks. As the company gets bigger and bigger – Starbucks can’t rely on tribal knowledge to spread the word and culture effectively… So we developed the Green Apron Book. Before I left Starbucks, I played a key part in developing the Green Apron Book as well as the programs that support and sustain it.

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