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Digital Idea Book

Apple has taken too long. I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to buy a PC based Tablet.* While I love a good pen to good paper… there seems something very practical (and fun) about a digital idea book.

Now I’m a dual platformer with both a Mac and Windows machines. I’ll have a stay-at-home Mac, and the tablet as my portable digital notebook.

There she is… Isn’t she a beaut?

I’ve been using it for just under a week and the true measure that I love using the tablet took place this week.

The tablet has the ability to recognize your written handwriting and convert it to text. In fact, I’ve written this post long-hand and had the tablet convert it to text for this post. I even purchased an upgraded pen (stylus) that has an ‘eraser’ on the end… so when you make a mistake – just like a pencil – you can rub and erase your writing…

Yesterday while working on a project, I erased a passage… I didn’t get all of the writing erased so there were a few pieces of image on the screen… As if it were pencil eraser dust, I moved my hand across the screen to brush the eraser dust off of my paper…

It’s electronic… so it didn’t move anything… But how cool is that? That in just a few days the tablet has become so comfortable to use as electric paper, I instinctively tried to brush away the eraser dust. I laughed out loud.

I’ve spent most of my time using the application OneNote by Microsoft. It’s a digital notebook. I’ve got everything from… my personal goals, task lists, and client notes all organized in the style of a paper binder – colored tabs and all. But with features that paper can’t provide… infinite number of pages, spell check and digital search capabilities.

(That’s a screen shot from the OneNote website, not my work. I have no idea who Bob G is… Nor do I know anything about the water leak in C3… maybe it’s some kind of clue…)

The tech details: I purchased the HP/Compaq TC1100 model. (shown above). Two key reasons I chose this machine? Small size and weight… The keyboard is removable so you can just use the screen (slate) for input. It is lightweight (just over 3 lbs.) and about the same size as my old Classic-sized Franklin-Covey paper-based binder. I truly plan to use this like a pad vs. like a laptop.

I’ve downloaded templates from the DIY Planner (a very cool site/project) as electronic templates. I’m replicating my paper system with the digital system.

All this along with the very cool drawing programs have made the investment in a tablet well worth while – stay tuned!

*The good news for all of you – and I’m not sure if you knew this about me – is that my purchases personally control the speed of innovation and timing of product releases at Apple. If this purchase matches each and every one of my previous Mac and iPod purchases over the past 15 years… Apple will be announcing their tablet in about a week from this post date…

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