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Being Locally Relevant To Grow Sales

Two strategies that help grow restaurant and retail sales are…

  • to be locally relevant and
  • to increase frequent of customer visits.

We have a great indoor / outdoor music venue in the Washington DC area called Wolftrap. (More formally Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts). They feature a great line-up of performers and entertainers.

What’s cool, the venue doesn’t have a rear wall. So, in addition to traditional floor and balcony seats, they have outdoor picnic seating along a grassy hill.

What a fun way to hear live music and see a show! Bring your own picnic! They even allow you to bring your own wine and drinks.

Screwtop Wine Bar, located around fifteen miles from Wolftrap is a popular restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. They offer a wide selection of wine, cheeses, charcuterie, and tasty bites. @ScrewTopWineBar

Understanding that the type of customer who visits Screwtop is the same type customer who buys lawn tickets to Wolftrap, Screwtop have put together two complete picnics to-go.

The picnic items are menu items you could buy at Screwtop. (i.e. this didn’t require any new products or SKUs). They’ve taken the work out of coming up with a nice picnic.

I could probably pick up similar items at the grocery store… But, Screwtop has added a convenience factor. And, knowing the food is good there – I’m confident what they’d give me in a picnic basket would be tasty as well.

Screwtop has created an offering that is probably higher than the typical take-away purchase (increase average ticket), and at the same time shows they “get” their customers’ lifestyle (locally relevant). And, just at the cost of a bit of printer ink.

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