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Back-Up Your Blog!

You may not have noticed, but my e-mail, website and blog haven’t been working over the past couple of days… (You will probably notice that my blog is missing posts).

I contacted technical assistance for the company hosting my site… the first said the ‘server was down.’

They explained… the United States Department of Homeland Security had seized the server (and back-up server) that was used for Idea Sandbox (and other sites).

Yesterday, May 10, Agents of The US Department of Homeland Security visited Voxel DOT NET data center to unplug and seize server hard drives because of possible illegal content (they call it contraband), they took both the main and the backup hard drive.

After few hours we got a reply from Mr Doyle (Homeland Security Agent), his reply in his words was: “I have received your messages. There is a possibility that you will be able to receive a copy of the websites that do not contain contraband, but this will take some days, maybe weeks to accomplish.”

Zachary Smith (Executive Vice President of Voxel dot Net, Inc) contact the agent too and send me the message below, in his words:

“I explained the fact that this servers hosts hundreds of websites to Mr. Doyle in great detail and tried my best to do just as you are suggesting – enabling you to keep the content on the non offending websites. He said that per his instructions, he had to take the entire drive and could not return the non offending content until they had reviewed the entire drive and properly removed the offending content.

Mr. Doyle is aware that the server hosts many virtual hosts and I would suggest working with him patiently to receive the content as soon as he can provide it.”

(Should we know all of that?)

Two things in conclusion…

1) I appreciate your patience in the journey to scrounge and re-post my missing files…
2) Back up everything on a regular basis… even stuff not on your hard drive.

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