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  • Making Better Decisions Considering Time, Talent & Treasure

    Being more innovative requires making better decisions. A friend uses a filter called “Time, Talent, Treasure” to help her make important decisions. She learned this from a co-worker years ago and passed it along to me. And, now I pass it to you. When determining …

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  • Happy New Year

    “Comp Yourself” in 2015

    Happy New Year! It’s resolution season. How do you avoid the let-down of resolutions earnestly created in January that may not last until February? Instead of setting resolutions, I recommend a simple life philosophy that will stick. Comp Yourself. That’s it. That’s the entire philosophy. …

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  • Levers1

    Getting Innovation Done, Being The Champion

    Bringing to life programs and ideas that create innovation often requires persuasion. New ideas can be perceived as risky, dangerous, and create the “unknown.” Seth Godin, offers a recommendation to help get the lever pulled that helps to create the change you’re looking for. Below …

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  • Better Problem Solving With Framing

    When you're looking to innovate, take advantage of an opportunity, or solve a problem... one of your first steps should be to define precisely or "frame" that opportunity or problem. Your frame is how you narrow and pinpoint what you choose to solve. Better framing ...Read More
  • Productive or Active?

    This sticky note has been stuck to my computer monitor for a while. Now I have a smaller note that states “busy ≠ productive.” Often we’re merely active in what we’re doing. Activity feels busy. But it’s not necessarily productive. Are you keeping yourself busy …

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  • business growth ideas

    More Scoops of Business Growth Ideas on Tidbitts

    We are proud to be contributing to the new “direct to fan” platform, Tidbitts. They’ve pulled together a wide variety of expert contributors who provide a weekly bite-sized chunk of interesting content. Idea Sandbox is providing innovative business growth ideas exclusive to the Tidbitts site. …

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  • Creative Problem Solving To Be Innovative

    Whenever we have a challenge – a client problem, trying to generate a new idea, developing strategy – we rely on the key steps below to solve our problem, creatively. We use this creative problem solving process to create ideas that we hope become an …

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  • RetroCocktailPartyColorized

    12 Tips For Successful In-Store Events

    No matter what you call them… your customers, clients, consumers or participants – they are all Guests when they visit your location. Being a great host to those visiting your location is no different from entertaining friends and neighbors at your house. While we do …

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  • Cash Only

    They’re Your Words, Choose Them

    You’ve seen the signs: ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT CARDS. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. BATHROOMS FOR PATRONS ONLY. Guess what? There’s no legal requirement that signs have to make you sound like a harsh jerk in order to carry weight or to inform the …

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  • CapitalizeYourURLsAndHashTags

    Check out these URLs: vs. How it is written: | How it is interpreted: What they meant: And these two… vs. How it is written: | How it is interpreted: What they meant: While the …

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