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  • Asset-Based Thinking

    At first I thought Asset-Based Thinking had something to do with finance and inventory… but the title, “Change The Way You See Everything: Through Asset-Based Thinking” piqued my interest. This business/self-help book by Kathryn Cramer and Hank Wasiak offers a transformational philosophy, “which can instill …

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  • Route 66 Map

    7 Steps To Build Your Annual Plan Like A Pro

    It is the time of year again when we start thinking about next year… The plans, programs, and activities that will allow us to meet and exceed our 2016 goals. We at Idea Sandbox like to approach nearly any type of planning as if it …

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  • Helicopter View, Customer Service Technique

    One of the challenges for staff in a store or restaurant, in delivering great customer experiences, is to anticipate customer needs. Delivering this high level of service involves being so tuned-in to customers, you can answer questions before they even ask. Whether it’s noticing someone …

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  • What Is A Problem?

    A simple way to define the word ‘problem’ is: a situation that needs attention. Wikipedia authors describe one as “…any situation that invites resolution.” That’s a nice way to put it – ‘invites resolution.’ A lot of folks are afraid of the word “problem.” To …

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  • Mind Your OWN Business

    You should be in business for yourself. We all should. I don’t mean quit your job and form a new company. I mean right now – at the job you are in – you should be in business for yourself. You see, we manage ourselves …

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  • Disney Brainstorming Method: Dreamer, Realist, and Spoiler

    It is said, that film producer and innovator, Walt Disney used to think-up and refine ideas by breaking the process into three distinct chunks. The dreamer, the realist, and the spoiler (or critic). The Dreamer This stage was for fantasizing. Creating the most fantastic and …

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  • Circle Of Time Planner

    Time management optimization… I’m always looking for different and effective ways to enhance time management. I’ve learned, better managing what you have to do frees you up for what you want to do. I’ve bumped into a novel approach to day management that you may …

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  • Build Sales Faster With The Networking Follow-Up Guide

    Do you regularly attend networking events? Do you have a system for processing the names and business cards you gather to quickly follow-up with new contacts? New to my market, I’ve made it a goal to get out of the office once a week to …

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  • Powerful Sentence Starter: “So That…”

    Do you describe the value your products and services provide for your customers? Some of your customers may be interested in features. They want to compare yours to the competitor. Your camera has patented image-stabilization technology. Some may be interested in the benefits. Your image-stabilization …

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  • Exit the Wheel, Take the Escalator

    You know that swift glide-y feeling you get when you walk on an escalator. You’re moving faster than you normally would with the same effort. That’s the feeling we all want when we work. Instead, it often feels more like running in an exercise wheel. …

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